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Affordable rates

Home Construction Loans Guys is making available to you home construction loans at affordable rates so that everyone can have the chance to get adequate finances to build their dream homes. You don’t have to lose a fortune to bring your home dream into reality and we are here to help you achieve that.


Easy application process

Unlike the banks and other mainstream financial institutions, we don’t have miles upon miles of red tape that will make you wait for a long time before accessing your loans. As a matter of fact, our application process is very simple and this is further backed up with a simple and straightforward approval process. Call us today at 888-738-7940 if you want to take advantage of our easy application process and get your loan as soon as possible.


Loans for different kinds of building

Home Construction Loans Guys offers loans for conducting different kinds of homes. We have no restrictions whatsoever on you utilize your loan to build your home. Our desire is to make it possible for you to realize you dream dwelling place and that is exactly what we look forwards towards facilitating.

Call us today at 888-738-7940 and take the massive advantage of our loans to make your dream homes come true.

Service to you at all times

Home Construction Loans Guys is fortunate enough to be equipped with well trained staff that is ready to offer you assistance whenever you call. Our telephone lines are open every single day of the week and you can call to make inquiries, apply for loans or seek other financial advice related to home construction loans.

Understanding home construction loans

A construction loan is typically a loan that you take to help you offset the cost of constructing your home. It can be obtained on a set term of usually one year so that you have adequate time to complete constructing your home. Once you have completed the construction works, you may be forced to get a new loan to repay the construction loan if it happens that you don’t have any other source of repaying the loans. Home Construction Loans Guys is a specialist when it comes to the construction loans and we have affordable and extremely flexible rates to help you construct your home without any worries.

Qualifying for a construction loans from us

Unlike the banks, we have very simple to meet conditions for you to qualify for our home construction loans. For instance, you must a qualified builder who understands the specs and the details of your plan. Your home must also be appraised by a qualified appraiser since we will need to have the actual value of your home before we give you the loan.

Additionally, it is imperative that you supply us with detailed specifications of the home you intend to construct. Finally, we will require you to make a down payment of about 20% of the total loan you are looking forward to obtaining from us. If you need further clarification on the qualification requirements, don’t hesitate to give a call at 888-738-7940 and we will be glad to give you a quick response. Our commitment still remains to make it easy for you to do all your home constructions without any financial constrains.

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